Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hong Kong : 2 Bedrooms Apartment, 1 min to Prince Edward MRT

**Travel on 19 July 2013 - 22 July 2013

Due to high request from friends who's traveling to Hong Kong very soon and searching for affordable accommodation...

Below is my highly recommended apartment to stay in Hong Kong if you are traveling 3 to 4 pax :")

In front of our apartment.

Accommodation in HK is usually very expensive and the bedroom space is really small..
If you pay slightly extra more money for 4 or 5 stars hotel, only then you can enjoy the spacious and the facilities there.
But to me, i'm a very stingy if you're to advise me to pay extra money to stay a nicer hotel; it will always be a No-No to me.. Haha

Monday, 10 February 2014

Busan : Buying Spectacles is extremly cheap & fast !

When someone asked me what's the MUST BUY while they're in Korea...
My first reply is speck ALWAYS  Spectacles..

Various Specks!
Most people's mindset to come to korea normally goes for facial products or even fashionable clothings.
But to me, buying specks is always my first choice.

a) It is cheap ! The frames i usually buy is KWR 10,000 @ RM 30
b) The frame is usually very light comparing to those specks i bought in malaysia
c) I could get my specks within 15-20 minutes after you did your payment ! No kidding !

For example, for this Busan trip,  me & my buddy bought 4 pairs of specks just for ourself and we got our 4 specks within 1 hour after we choose our frames & pay on the spot !Amazingly fast !

At Gukje Market
Was walking around Gukje Market when we saw this spectacles shop which has more choices to choose.

Inside the shop awaiting for our specks after we pay on the spot

Busan : Jangalchi Market- 자갈치시장 (부산)

Day 3 : 23 November 2013

Early Morning on Day 3, we went for our early brunch to the famous Jagalchi Fish Market

Jalgachi Fish Market
It is very easy to come here.
Jangalchi Station (Exit 10),

Take Exit 10 to Jagalchi Market

Walk straight and you will see the signboard at right side,and you will see the Jagalchi Market's building

Busan : Busan Trickeye Museum

Day 2 :  22 November 2013

Busan Trickeye Musuem

If you haven't been to Busan Trickeye Museum, no worries.
Take the Metro to "Jalgachi Station" on the Orange line. Use Exit 7.
Walk straight ahead to the corner, turn left and the Museum is located on level 9 of the "Nampo Plaza",on your left, about a minute's walk straight ahead.
It's new location is more tourist friendly as you walk past it on the way to BIFF Square and Gukje Market. It is also five minutes' walk from the Jalgachi Fish market.

Once you reach "Nampo Plaza", take the lift up to Level 9

Level 9 to Trickeye Museum

KWR 10,000 @ RM 30 for adults admission

The counter
Paying at the counter to get our tickets.
The admission fees for adult is KWR 10,000 p/entry which is about RM 30 p/person.
It's slightly expensive yet the enjoyment of taking various funny pictures is priceless..
Busan Trickeye Museum is not as huge as Seoul's Trickeye Museum, yet you can easily spend 1 to 2 hours here by just taking pictures.
Don't believe? Check out all the funny pictures we took...

Busan : Gukje Market & PIFF Square (BIFF 광장)

Day 2 : 22 November 2013

After our half day tour in Gamcheon Village ( 감천문화마을), we took the subway from Toseong Station to Jagalchi Station to PIFF Square or also known as  Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

BIFF 광장 @ Busan International Film Festival

Once u reach Jagalchi Station, take Exit 7 to PIFF Square, Gukje Market, Art Street & Busan Trickeye Museum

From Jagalchi Station, Exit 7.

Outside Exit 7 of Jagalchi Station
First stop is to Gukje Market for street food...
From Jagalchi Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 7.
Go 30m, turn left, and walk straight 5min to arrive at the market.

At the Market Area

Had our simple street food for lunch

Busan : Gamcheon Village (a.k.a "Taegeukdo village") 감천문화마을

Day 2 @ 22 Nov 2013

Gamcheon Village

Gamcheon Village  (a.k.a "Taegeukdo village") 감천문화마을

If you ever heard the story of "The Little Prince",
Gamcheon Village  (a.k.a "Taegeukdo village") 감천문화마을 is quite the same as Petite France which available in Seoul.
The only difference between Seoul's Petite France & Gamcheon Village in Busan is Gamcheon's village is slightly bigger & more things to see.

The Beauty of this village

The amazing part is, the locals is actually staying in Gamcheon Village.
So when you're exploring here, everyone should be mindful not to be too noisy.

To come here is very simple.

Stop at Toseong Station (Exit 6)

Stop at Toseong Station, Exit 6

Climb up the stairs towards exit 6.

Walk straight until you see "Pusan National University Hospital".
Take Bus No. 2 or No.2-2 until hilltop & get off at "Gamcheon Elementary School" (감천초등학교)
You can seek the driver's help to inform you once you reach Gamcheon Village.

The moment the walk down from the bus, you will see this "4-legs" in front of the Gamcheon Village Entrance.

Jayyden trying to take one of the legs.

Before you walk further into the village, you will see this information building as below :

Information Building in Gamcheon Village.
From here, you can buy their Gamcheon Village Map if you have the time to search for the cops..
In this map, there will be a puzzle hut for you to search for cops in some building.
You will need to find for the cops in order for you to get a small prize.
In order for you to get the maps, you need to purchase them for KWR 2,000 for 1 map
It is fun & you will enjoy ur cop-hunting !
It has the same cop-hunting as in Seoul's Petite France :)

Monday, 6 January 2014

Hostel : Busan Guesthouse Sum Nampo

There are lots of hostel available in Busan.
But to get the best strategic location, walking distance to most places and most important is the toilets must have separate doors if you don't like bathing openly with the other ladies like below :

I don't mind bathing with the others ladies since i really love Jjimjilbang  (찜질방) a lot.
Jjimjilbang is actually a large, gender-segrategated public bathhouse in Korea, furnished with hot tubs, showers, Korean traditional klin saunas and massage tables.
And you actually need to bath nakedly without your undies & bras at all.
It's a cultural shock when i first tried it, but after a while you will feel it is totally normal & really comfortable walking around and bathing nakedly with the other ladies..
Frankly speaking nobody will ever notice you are actually naked.

Coming back to the hostel in busan, you actually need to double check the hostel's bathing area if you don't want to bath openly with the others ladies since you will be sharing toilets if you're staying dormitory.
And since i have few others friends who backpacked with me who are slightly shy, so getting a private bathroom with doors is a total must.
After few search, at last i found a great hostel with ensuite bathroom with doors in our 6 pax dorm , include simple breakfast, walking distance to nampo shopping district & have our very own *touch-and-go* subway card !
What more can you asked!

So, Busan Guesthouse Sum Nampo is our choice.

In front of Sum Nampo Guesthouse

Budget 4D3N Busan Nov 2013

Have you ever heard of this place before?
When i told my friends i'm going to Busan for another backpack journey..
Some of them just went.. "What-San? Where is that?"

It's South Korea's second largest  metropolis after Seoul..
It's a place also famously known for their great beach,  cheap fresh seafood ,hot springs & nature reserves.
So when AirAsia open it's first route from Kuala Lumpur to Busan airport..
Quickly i book a cheap flight which only cost RM 354 nett for return trip

Return Flights ticket     : RM 354 nett (include tax, insurance, return luggage)
4 Nights Stay p/pax      : RM 213.60 p/pax dorm sharing with 6 pax
Currency Exchange     : RM 700 (spend on food,transport,admission fees, light shopping)
Total Spend 4D3N       : RM 1,267.60nett                                                            

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bangkok Day 3 : Asiatique The Riverfront

Day 3 @ 17 June 2013

Asiatique The RiverFront

If you haven't been here is a nice to walk around as the environment is slightly western.

Furthermore, it is very easy to go here by public transport.

Stop at BTS Saphan Taksin, take Exit 2 as per below picture:

Signboards in english
As you walk down the stairs from exit 2, just follow the crowds as most of them will take the Free Shuttle Ferry to Asiatique

Go to Sathorn Pier

Bangkok Day 2 : 1 Hour Foot Massage + Tesco Shopping + Terminal 21

Day 2 @ 16 June 2013

The moment we woke up, our poor leg soar due to the long walking we had the previous day.

We decided to go for a foot massage nearby our place.

Lek Massage House
 From Ibis Siam, our hotel.. Turn right and go all the way down until you see "Lek Massage House" whcih is only 5-6min Walking distance.

The Price is cheap too !!
 The nicest part was, you do not even need to bargain for the price as it is already dirt cheap.
We did our 1 hour foot massage which cost us THB 250 @ RM 25 !!  And if you're interested in doing the Thai Massage :

1 Hour = THB 250 @ RM 25
2 Hour = THB 450 @ RM 45

You can't even get such cheap price in Malaysia ! After enjoying our relaxing 1 hour foot massage, we head to Tesco which is also another 5min walking distance.
Once you come out from "Lek Massage", turn right again and walk all the way down until you reach Tesco !
We just love groceries shopping any country we is just so exciting seeing their local brands in the market !

Choosing what to buy. Too many choices

Jayyden with our trolley