Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bangkok Day 2 : 1 Hour Foot Massage + Tesco Shopping + Terminal 21

Day 2 @ 16 June 2013

The moment we woke up, our poor leg soar due to the long walking we had the previous day.

We decided to go for a foot massage nearby our place.

Lek Massage House
 From Ibis Siam, our hotel.. Turn right and go all the way down until you see "Lek Massage House" whcih is only 5-6min Walking distance.

The Price is cheap too !!
 The nicest part was, you do not even need to bargain for the price as it is already dirt cheap.
We did our 1 hour foot massage which cost us THB 250 @ RM 25 !!  And if you're interested in doing the Thai Massage :

1 Hour = THB 250 @ RM 25
2 Hour = THB 450 @ RM 45

You can't even get such cheap price in Malaysia ! After enjoying our relaxing 1 hour foot massage, we head to Tesco which is also another 5min walking distance.
Once you come out from "Lek Massage", turn right again and walk all the way down until you reach Tesco !
We just love groceries shopping any country we is just so exciting seeing their local brands in the market !

Choosing what to buy. Too many choices

Jayyden with our trolley

Our trolley after purchasing. Haha

We just love Tesco Lotus!
 After spending nearly 2hours in Tesco, we walk back to our Hotel to freshen up before we head to "Terminal 21" Shopping Center

From BTS National Station, we took BTS and stop at BTS Asoke.

Terminal 21 Shopping Center is connected to BTS Asoke

Walking from BTS Asoke towards Terminal 21

Various shops each floor

Can she ride this bicycle :D

Ok. Jayyden will behave herself..

Comes lets got to Tokyo @ Level 1

Tokyo Street

Erm..What should we buy?

Food Court on the top floor

We're not really into much shopping so we only spend around 1 hour walking around in Terminal 21 before we head to Platinum Mall.
But we did not take any pictures while we're in Platinum Mall as we're just too busy scanning around from floors to floors...from shops to shops as Platinum Mall is the famous wholesale market in Bangkok.

To reach here, stop at BTS Siam or BTS Ratchatewi, and walk from either one of the BTS which could easily takes you 15-20min to reach Platinum Mall. But you will not sense it is far since you will be passing by another huge shopping mall called "Central World"..

By the time we reach hotel, it was already 8- 9+pm, and our leg begins even soar...
Overall, it is a great as we fully utilized our day :)

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