Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hong Kong : 2 Bedrooms Apartment, 1 min to Prince Edward MRT

**Travel on 19 July 2013 - 22 July 2013

Due to high request from friends who's traveling to Hong Kong very soon and searching for affordable accommodation...

Below is my highly recommended apartment to stay in Hong Kong if you are traveling 3 to 4 pax :")

In front of our apartment.

Accommodation in HK is usually very expensive and the bedroom space is really small..
If you pay slightly extra more money for 4 or 5 stars hotel, only then you can enjoy the spacious and the facilities there.
But to me, i'm a very stingy if you're to advise me to pay extra money to stay a nicer hotel; it will always be a No-No to me.. Haha

After hard-searching for the best accommodation,
I'm really thankful enough that i found this amazing apartment which is extremely strategic located directly in front of Prince Edward MRT, Exit D.

This apartment is just nice for 4 pax of us.
We stayed for 4D3N for total RM 1,047 ; which we only need to pay RM 261.75 one pax for total of our whole trip for 3 Nights !
Which is totally a really really great and the security is really good too.
You will need a tag for you to get into this building to take the lift up to your apartment.

Once you tag into the building, u will walk a short staircase to go to the lift.

Our Main Door of our apartment & On ur left is the lift.

It is a 2 Bedrooms apartment equipped with 1 double-bed and 1 bulk bed whereby each room able to fit for 2 pax.

1 Bulk Bed-double decker

Pic 1 : Double Bed can fit 2 pax.

Pic 2 : Double Bed can fit 2 pax.
If you don't mind for slightly crowded, there's a sofa-bed of double-bed size in the living room which can fit 2 pax on it... Hence total of 6 pax able to squeeze fit into this apartment..

The Sofa-bed in the living room can squeeze-fit 2 pax
But i will advise 4 pax in this apartment is just nice as Hong Kong's apartment is not really huge..
Added with 4 of our luggage it is just nice enough to walkabout inside the apartment.

When i book any hostel/hotel/apartment, i will make sure that the toilet is really clean..
And to my impress, it is really clean for this apartment with good water heater.

Small toilet but just nice and clean

Shower with good water heater

This apartment do provide Free Shampoo & Shower Bath
Light cooking in the kitchen.

Small oven & Fridge provided

From Kitchen looking towards living room & toilet
Normally my criteria to choose any accommodation is always affordable budget, clean, nearby to MRT & FREE wifi... (i can't leave without internet..haha)

And this apartment has given me all these.
It provided Free wifi which able to connect to 5 device in a small "egg".
If you're hungry, just go down the lift.. McD is situated below this building which is about 1min walk :)

Other famous Sight-seeing can be reached easily from my apartment:
Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbour City, TST 1881 and the Avenue of Stars - 5 mins by MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station
Temple Street Night Market – 5 mins by MTR, Jordan Station Exit A
Lan Kwai Fong - 10 mins by MTR, Central Station Exit D2
Victoria Peak - 10 mins by MTR, Central Station
Ocean Park - 10 mins by MTR, Admiraity Station Exit B, take bus no 629
Disneyland – 30 mins by MTR, Disneyland Resort Station

The location is so greatly connected and reasonable cheap..
Where else you can search something as good as this apartment.
So if i'm to go back to this apartment even for 2 is totally worth and cheap then staying in a small hotel.. :")


  1. hi! i checked the link, the room was 4,798.00 per night

    1. 4798.00 p/night in hong kong dollars?
      u sure? when i book it is only 4D3N for total RM 1,047 @ HKD2,43

  2. long time no post from you .. :) no time to travel or to write? :) come back soon.

  3. hi vari,

    thanks for dropping by ! still travelling quite frequent...but am too busy with work & travelling..:"(
    Ya..will come back once i have the free time... hugz...

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    1. Dear Wharney,
      Thank you very much for dropping by :)

  5. Hayy
    longtime no post , we really miss what you write
    last year we hv visited Korea , base on your report we survive % really enjoy the trip .
    Keep writing sister , we need your guiding and recommendation . he22

    1. Hi veny,

      Thanks a lot for your support all these while. Really sorry as i have been really busy that i didn't manage to blog since... (ToT). Ha ha..

      Really glad that the tips i share helps & great to hear that you enjoyed your trip. So where's your next trip will be? Ha ha

      I will try my best to blog...Hugz.. :")