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Busan : Gamcheon Village (a.k.a "Taegeukdo village") 감천문화마을

Day 2 @ 22 Nov 2013

Gamcheon Village

Gamcheon Village  (a.k.a "Taegeukdo village") 감천문화마을

If you ever heard the story of "The Little Prince",
Gamcheon Village  (a.k.a "Taegeukdo village") 감천문화마을 is quite the same as Petite France which available in Seoul.
The only difference between Seoul's Petite France & Gamcheon Village in Busan is Gamcheon's village is slightly bigger & more things to see.

The Beauty of this village

The amazing part is, the locals is actually staying in Gamcheon Village.
So when you're exploring here, everyone should be mindful not to be too noisy.

To come here is very simple.

Stop at Toseong Station (Exit 6)

Stop at Toseong Station, Exit 6

Climb up the stairs towards exit 6.

Walk straight until you see "Pusan National University Hospital".
Take Bus No. 2 or No.2-2 until hilltop & get off at "Gamcheon Elementary School" (감천초등학교)
You can seek the driver's help to inform you once you reach Gamcheon Village.

The moment the walk down from the bus, you will see this "4-legs" in front of the Gamcheon Village Entrance.

Jayyden trying to take one of the legs.

Before you walk further into the village, you will see this information building as below :

Information Building in Gamcheon Village.
From here, you can buy their Gamcheon Village Map if you have the time to search for the cops..
In this map, there will be a puzzle hut for you to search for cops in some building.
You will need to find for the cops in order for you to get a small prize.
In order for you to get the maps, you need to purchase them for KWR 2,000 for 1 map
It is fun & you will enjoy ur cop-hunting !
It has the same cop-hunting as in Seoul's Petite France :)

There are few cops for you to search at some buildings
Cop it onto your maps

Once you manage to find your cops, you are to cop it onto your map

Jayyden found her cop for her map
The Amazing Beauty Of Gamcheon Village
While we're on our cop-hunting, we are lucky to met a bunch of cute kindergarden kids on their little tour here

The adorable korean kiddies :)

We're following their tour instead
 Since we've the time & since there's teacher guiding the kids on this tour, we've decided to follow the kids as well and it was really fun seeing them so excited on their trip...

Haha this kid is too adorable.
And in between the trail, this village even have their own fitness while enjoying the amazing view..

Fitness for you to exercise.

With the amazing view :)

And the painting on the walls are all amazing beautiful...

The Little Prince

And we did really have fun taking pictures with the walls...

Pulling our dinosaur's tail

Trying to act cool yet fail. Haha

What is she doing? >,<"

And we caught them dating while on their school trip. :P
The amazing seaview from Gamcheong Village

This is the part where we got lots while we're in Gamcheon Village
We got lost !
Yeah ! You heard me right....
Eventhough Gamcheon Village isn't that huge, but the shortcuts in between the village leads us to holland in the end.. Haha
But thanks to the villages and a few poking on the map AND Mr. Police's help at the nearby Police Station..Haha
We got back on the right track !

We got back to Toseong Station by taking the same bus.
The only thing u need to take note, you need to wait for the bus at the directly opposite side of the road for the bus back to Toseong Station.
If you're unsure, each time you see a bus pass by, you can flag down the bus & asked the driver "Toseong Station" and if he say "Yes. Toseong Station", only then you hop onto the bus.

And yes! We're back at Toseong Station :)
 Frankly speaking, it will easily takes you nearly half day to spend in Gamcheon Village which we really did enjoyed ourselves truly.
For the remaining half day, we spend ourselves in PIFF Square (BIFF 광장) & Busan Trickeye Museum in my next post.....

Gamcheon Village :
(감천2동 )
Gamcheon Culture Village, 10-13 Gamcheon-2-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, South Korea; ; Sky Garden village

Tel : +82 70 4219 5556


  1. Hello Jaydden.. what a great review about Busan. I have a plan to spend 2 days 1 night at Busan. Is it possible to spend time here. How long did you spend around Gamcheon Village? Thank you. - Natalia

    1. Hi Natalia
      Thank q very much for dropping by.
      2D1N will be too rush. Busan is actually a very interesting place and easy to move around. if u haven't book your flights, 4D3N is advisable so it won't be too rush for you.
      Gamcheon we spend about 2 to 3 is not a very huge place but there is lots of photography session for we took our time hanging around the place :")