Monday, 10 February 2014

Busan : Buying Spectacles is extremly cheap & fast !

When someone asked me what's the MUST BUY while they're in Korea...
My first reply is speck ALWAYS  Spectacles..

Various Specks!
Most people's mindset to come to korea normally goes for facial products or even fashionable clothings.
But to me, buying specks is always my first choice.

a) It is cheap ! The frames i usually buy is KWR 10,000 @ RM 30
b) The frame is usually very light comparing to those specks i bought in malaysia
c) I could get my specks within 15-20 minutes after you did your payment ! No kidding !

For example, for this Busan trip,  me & my buddy bought 4 pairs of specks just for ourself and we got our 4 specks within 1 hour after we choose our frames & pay on the spot !Amazingly fast !

At Gukje Market
Was walking around Gukje Market when we saw this spectacles shop which has more choices to choose.

Inside the shop awaiting for our specks after we pay on the spot

We walk into the shop, choose our frames..
Normally we choose the cheaper frames which cost us KWR 10,000 @ RM 30.
Eventhough it might be cheap, yet the quality of the frame is very good as we bought the same brand name"Maxim" on our 2012's trip to Seoul & we're still wearing the same specks till todate.
Since the quality is very good, we decided to buy another 2 pairs while we're in Busan this round.
Firstly, it is extremly hard for us to get a specks as cheap in Korea.

 For example,
My left eye power is 1.5, while my right eye is 2.5
The owner of the specks shop explain to us clearly that there are 2 types of glass for our power.
The thin glass-power, which cost KWR 30,000 (RM 90) for 1 pair
The thick glass-power, which cost KWR 20,000 (RM 60) for 1 pair.

Since it is only KWR 10,000 (RM 30) difference between the thin & the thick glass-power, i've decided to choose the thinner version so that my specks doesn't looks too thick & heavy.
Hence the total cost for my specks for 1 pair is only KWR 10,000 (RM 30- frame) + KWR 30,000 (RM 90 for the thin-glass power) = KWR 40,000 @ RM 120.
Which i will never get for such price in malaysia... the cheapest specks i bought in Malaysia is also RM 300++, and this i have to really really bargain.

As for my friend's specks, both of her eye's power is higher than mine...
So the owner charge her for :
The thin glass-power, which cost KWR 40,000 (RM 120) for 1 pair
The thick glass-power, which cost KWR 30,000 (RM 90) for 1 pair.
Yet it is still cheap comparing making a pair in Malaysia.

That's why both of us bought 2 pairs for ourselves instead.
The specks might look quite the same but it is the quality that matters..
Since i'm a heavy specks user..sometimes i even sleep with my specks without being notice..
Yet my specks still in one piece without a break..haha

With the owner of the shop & he's very helpful

Jayyden's specks

SC's specks

The Shops' Name

This is the corner whereby everything is done within an hour for 4 pairs of specks
 The owner of this shop is really helpful.
Eventhough his english is limited edition and both of us doesn't speak korean very well, yet we understand each other.

We walk into his shop.
We choose our frames.
We pass our specks that we're wearing for him to check our power degree.
Once check, like normal you will be needed to look into the machine to double check your power.
Then he will point to different alphabet & you're to speak out those alphabet he pointed correctly.
He will then measure your correct power for you to wear it on before he's to process-cuting- your correct power on the machine.
You wait within an hour for all the 4 specks.
You pay for your specks and it's done ! All within an hour !

That is one of the many reason why i love doing my specks in korea !
It is so in speed comparing Malaysia.
After measuring your power, you will need to wait for at least a week or more for you to take your new specks. =___="""

So if you are in seoul or in your specks !!
It is way better than buying cosmetic ! :)


  1. Thanks for the tips!
    I replied to your TripAdvisor message :)

    1. Hi,

      Thank you very much to drop by..
      Great that it could help u :)

  2. Hi, do you know where exactly the shop is? Or is other spec shop also the same?
    I am going to Korea soon^^.

    1. Hi,
      any shops will do. i've been to both seoul and busan to do my specks.normally i just see if the shops have more varieties..then i will go inside to check out the price.i usually buy maxim (the one in the pic) cz it is the cheapest of all and very lasting frames.

  3. Hi,

    What is the difference in price to do in Seoul and Busan? Which is cheaper?

    1. Hi,
      For me both places is quite the same. It depends on the style u're interested. Seoul has more updated style than busan. I've bought my 2 pairs of specks in busan, and another 2 in seoul and i am still using the specks now...very long lasting. : " )

  4. I came across your blog again when I was researching glasses in Busan! :)
    I bought 7 pairs of frames a few weeks ago and had two filled with my prescription.
    AHHH the shopping in Korea is great!

    1. Hi Pia,

      THanks a lot for dropping by and your support.
      Wow ! 7 pairs of frames.. ha ha that is a lot. And you get it on the spot or the nxt day?

      Glad that you enjoy your shopping in korea...:" )