Monday, 6 January 2014

Budget 4D3N Busan Nov 2013

Have you ever heard of this place before?
When i told my friends i'm going to Busan for another backpack journey..
Some of them just went.. "What-San? Where is that?"

It's South Korea's second largest  metropolis after Seoul..
It's a place also famously known for their great beach,  cheap fresh seafood ,hot springs & nature reserves.
So when AirAsia open it's first route from Kuala Lumpur to Busan airport..
Quickly i book a cheap flight which only cost RM 354 nett for return trip

Return Flights ticket     : RM 354 nett (include tax, insurance, return luggage)
4 Nights Stay p/pax      : RM 213.60 p/pax dorm sharing with 6 pax
Currency Exchange     : RM 700 (spend on food,transport,admission fees, light shopping)
Total Spend 4D3N       : RM 1,267.60nett                                                            

Since our travel period was from 21 -24 Nov 2013, which the weather is slowly began to start cold.
Hence we're unable to go for some suntan which is one of my favorite activity of all.
Nevertheless, we did enjoyed ourselves even though the weather is cold.

Below is our short yet fulfill 4D3N itinerary  

Day 1 

4.00pm : Landed in Gimhae International Airport
5+ pm   : Reach "Sum Guesthouse Busan Nampo"
6+ pm   : Walk around our hostel as it is the famous "Nampo Shopping Area", 6min walk to Lotte

Day 2

9 + am : Gamcheon Village (a.k.a "Taegeukdo village") 감천문화마을
1+pm   : Busan Trickeye Museum
3+ pm : PIFF Square (BIFF 광장 (구, PIFF 광장) or Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)
6+pm  : Hurshimchung Spa (Jiljimbang)

Day 3

9 + am : Jangalchi Fish Market
12+ pm : Heundae Beach & Haedong Yonggungsa (해동용궁사) temple
4+pm    : Spa Land Centum City (스파랜드 센텀시티)
8+ pm   : Last minute shopping

Day 4

9 + am : Look for shops to do new spectacles & Last Minute Shopping
1+ pm  : Prepare to go to airport for our flight at 4.45pm

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