Monday, 10 February 2014

Busan : Jangalchi Market- 자갈치시장 (부산)

Day 3 : 23 November 2013

Early Morning on Day 3, we went for our early brunch to the famous Jagalchi Fish Market

Jalgachi Fish Market
It is very easy to come here.
Jangalchi Station (Exit 10),

Take Exit 10 to Jagalchi Market

Walk straight and you will see the signboard at right side,and you will see the Jagalchi Market's building

Our salmon

Our Fresh Salmon turns to this amazing plate

After we have choose our fresh seafood, we proceed to a floor above for our brunch.

Various restaurant above the fish market for you to choose.

Awaiting for our fresh seafood

Live Octopus to be eaten just like that..>,<"

 It was a fulfilling lunch and it is affordable !
For all those, it cost us total KWR  74,000 @ RM 230 for 6 pax.
Meaning, each of us is paying KWR 12,333 @ RM 38.40 for our very fresh meal which we couldn't get such price !

So if you ever come to Busan, you should come to this fresh market :")
All the shops here in Jalgachi Fish Market is quite the same price, so it is advisable for you to buy in one shop which has more variety so it is cheaper :)

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