Thursday, 30 May 2013

Seoul Day 1: Ann Guesthouse & Hongyik (Hongdae) Area

Day 1

At last the moment that we've been waiting for is here. Our flight to Seoul was at 8:50am which was consider early. It was nearly a 6+hour flight which frankly speaking, i hate flying because of my plane sickness. Yet because i heart traveling a lot, i don't mind suffer a little on the plane to reach my destination. Hence, all i did was just sleep during the whole time.

The moment our plane touch Incheon Airport, we took subway to Hongyik Station which cost us KWR 3,850 (RM 10.55); which is only a 46 min ride.

You can check out this subway website whereby it will clearly let you know how long is your journey from one station to the other & the cost of it :

Complicated with colourful lines subway :)

This Seoul MRT map does indeed looks complicated with colourful lines.
Hence it is always advisable to plan your itinerary well so that you won't be wasting your time taking MRT more than sight-seeing.

Single Journey Ticket @ KWR 3,850

In MRT heading to Hongyik Station

 Since we're staying in Ann's Guesthouse (, it's building is connected to "Hongyik station". Meaning, once you reach Hongyik subway, you just take a lift up to your unit. But if you're a first timer to Ann's Guesthouse, you won't know where is the lift situated until you met up with Ann (the owner), and only then she will show you where the lift is.

Nevertheless, Ann has clearly stated the ways to reach her guesthouse in her website hence you won't get lost. As for the rates, it is extremely budget for travelers as us. Since we're traveling in 3 pax, we took the "Family Room for 3 pax @ KWR 90,000 (around RM 257.49 for 3 pax/per/nite)

Budget Seoul March 2013


A place that everyone wish to go...
Most people taught that traveling to seoul is an expensive place to go..
Because of language barrier, most people will prefer to go on tour than backpacking..
But will you believe me if i tell u all i spend was total RM 2,944 nett for my 7D6N ; which include my return flight ticket to Seoul, 6 nights accommodation,currency exchange to use for food, transport, admission fees & some light shopping in seoul :)

Total price for our return seoul flight tickets

Return Flights ticket     : RM809 nett (include tax, insurance, return luggage)
6 Nights Stay p/pax      : KWR 180,000 (around RM515, room sharing among 3 pax)
Currency Exchange     : RM 1,620 (spend on food,transport,admission fees, light shopping)
Total Spend 7D6N       : RM 2,944 nett                                                                                    

Travel has become my passion, and because of that..i will prefer traveling in the most budget way, yet convenient too. :)
Planning my own itinerary few months before so that it will be easier for me to know my direction of places to visit.
Language is no longer a barrier in Seoul City. Many of them are learning english.
You will be even more surprise when some of them speak mandarin with you.
Nevertheless, i did came across some which doesn't understand english when i was lost.
But they went extra miles in telephone their friends who understand english or mandarin so that they can guide us to our destination... and i was deeply touch by them.. :)