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Busan : Busan Trickeye Museum

Day 2 :  22 November 2013

Busan Trickeye Musuem

If you haven't been to Busan Trickeye Museum, no worries.
Take the Metro to "Jalgachi Station" on the Orange line. Use Exit 7.
Walk straight ahead to the corner, turn left and the Museum is located on level 9 of the "Nampo Plaza",on your left, about a minute's walk straight ahead.
It's new location is more tourist friendly as you walk past it on the way to BIFF Square and Gukje Market. It is also five minutes' walk from the Jalgachi Fish market.

Once you reach "Nampo Plaza", take the lift up to Level 9

Level 9 to Trickeye Museum

KWR 10,000 @ RM 30 for adults admission

The counter
Paying at the counter to get our tickets.
The admission fees for adult is KWR 10,000 p/entry which is about RM 30 p/person.
It's slightly expensive yet the enjoyment of taking various funny pictures is priceless..
Busan Trickeye Museum is not as huge as Seoul's Trickeye Museum, yet you can easily spend 1 to 2 hours here by just taking pictures.
Don't believe? Check out all the funny pictures we took...

Someone drop his money...

Is that a naked guy taking bath?

Noooo..You're scaring me... >,<"

Eventhough i'm cut into half, you can't take my leg away.

Overall, we did have a great time taking various funny pictures and laugh our heart out.

Below is the address for Busan Trickeye Museum :

85, Nampo-dong 6-ga, Jung-gu | Nampo Plaza 9F, Busan, South Korea

Last but not least, we went to our favourite Jiljimbang @ Naked Bath at "Hurshimchung Spa"

Address : 부산시 동래구 온천동 137-7 (Busan, Dongnae-gu, Oncheon-dong 137-7 )

To go to Hurshimchung Spa, take the subway and stop at "Oncheonjang Station", Exit 3.
Hurshimchung is located behind the "Home Plus Building". At the back of the building, turn right onto Oncheongjang-ro 119 beon-gil Road.
Go Straight 150m to arrive at Hurshimchung (허심청) on the left.

Sadly, since this is a naked bath + Sauna, hence we're unable to take pictures inside.
You will be given your key to put all your valuable stuff & once you have safety put all your stuff in the locker, you're to wear this key on your wrist so that it won't get lost while you're bathing and suana-ing.

Your key to put your valuable & you wear your key on your wrist
There's admission fees as per below :

Normal day: KRW8000
Early moring admission (05:30-08:00): KWR 6,000  for Sat/Sun/PH
KRW10000 (Early: KRW8000)

Comparing Busan's Jiljimbang & Seoul's Jiljimbang, in busan you are only allowed to be inside for 4 hours at least.. but while we're in Siloam Seoul, we are able to used it for 12 hours which include overnight there too.

Nevertheless, after the long day it is great to relax ourselves having a nice hot bath & suana at jiljimbang

And buying Soju is so cheap comparing in Malaysia.
One bottle of Soju cost about KWR1,300 to KWR 1,400 @ RM 4 to Rm 4.30
But in Malaysia it is easily selling for RM 12.......
So if you're in Korea, but more soju to drink instead of water.. :D


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