Monday, 6 January 2014

Hostel : Busan Guesthouse Sum Nampo

There are lots of hostel available in Busan.
But to get the best strategic location, walking distance to most places and most important is the toilets must have separate doors if you don't like bathing openly with the other ladies like below :

I don't mind bathing with the others ladies since i really love Jjimjilbang  (찜질방) a lot.
Jjimjilbang is actually a large, gender-segrategated public bathhouse in Korea, furnished with hot tubs, showers, Korean traditional klin saunas and massage tables.
And you actually need to bath nakedly without your undies & bras at all.
It's a cultural shock when i first tried it, but after a while you will feel it is totally normal & really comfortable walking around and bathing nakedly with the other ladies..
Frankly speaking nobody will ever notice you are actually naked.

Coming back to the hostel in busan, you actually need to double check the hostel's bathing area if you don't want to bath openly with the others ladies since you will be sharing toilets if you're staying dormitory.
And since i have few others friends who backpacked with me who are slightly shy, so getting a private bathroom with doors is a total must.
After few search, at last i found a great hostel with ensuite bathroom with doors in our 6 pax dorm , include simple breakfast, walking distance to nampo shopping district & have our very own *touch-and-go* subway card !
What more can you asked!

So, Busan Guesthouse Sum Nampo is our choice.

In front of Sum Nampo Guesthouse

Budget 4D3N Busan Nov 2013

Have you ever heard of this place before?
When i told my friends i'm going to Busan for another backpack journey..
Some of them just went.. "What-San? Where is that?"

It's South Korea's second largest  metropolis after Seoul..
It's a place also famously known for their great beach,  cheap fresh seafood ,hot springs & nature reserves.
So when AirAsia open it's first route from Kuala Lumpur to Busan airport..
Quickly i book a cheap flight which only cost RM 354 nett for return trip

Return Flights ticket     : RM 354 nett (include tax, insurance, return luggage)
4 Nights Stay p/pax      : RM 213.60 p/pax dorm sharing with 6 pax
Currency Exchange     : RM 700 (spend on food,transport,admission fees, light shopping)
Total Spend 4D3N       : RM 1,267.60nett